Arabesque Plate

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SKU: BAC1732500-SCP

Production Time: 10 days
Material: Crystal
Size: 6.3"
Weight: lb
Packaging Included: Red Presentation Box
Just below, a thick belt of geometric swirls —a motif embellished with stars and acanthus leaves—wreathes around the plate. This intricate garland is hemmed in by the Clear crystal crosshatching that decorates the underside of the dessert plate. This model originally encompassed a complete table set (with jug, decanter, goblets and various stemmed glasses). Today, the Arabesque collection has been pared down to the dessert plates and bowl, both of which share incredible and elaborate detailing.
BAC1732500 Bread Plate, 6.3" $210.00
BAC1732504 Large Dessert Plate, 7.9" $260.00
BAC2102781 Small Dessert Plate, 4.7" $100.00
BAC1732505 Dinner Plate, 9.6" $350.00
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