Wave Vase

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SKU: BAC2102668

Production Time: 10 days
Material: Crystal
Size: 9.1"
Weight: 5.8 lb
Packaging Included: Red Presentation Box
The edge of the vase dips like a gully, and the form is echoed throughout, with undulations traveling down the side in five tiers. Exemplifying Baccarat’s technical prowess, the crystal cuts inside the vase create a magical optical effect, subtlety shadowing the clear crystal from the bowl’s base to its edge. Embedded in the interior pattern, the crystal appears as though magically flowing throughout. Designed for Baccarat by Thomas Bastide, the Wave vase is available in two sizes (small, medium), and all the Wave pieces bring a sense of rolling energy to any room they are placed in.
BAC2102668 $860.00
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