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  1. Flames 1
    Flames 1

    Uplifting Sculpture with Multiple Finishes
    Prices from $215.00

  2. Society Spear Zinc
    Society Spear Zinc

    Mirror-Finished, Tapered Spear on Stepped Base
    Prices from $200.00

  3. Event Figure Gold Plated Metal
    Event Figure Gold Plated Metal

    Artistic Metal Figure, Tapered Crystal Base
    Prices from $205.00

  4. Goddess of the World
    Goddess of the World

    Chrome Figure
    Prices from $209.00

  5. Flames 2
    Flames 2

    Multi-Finish Twisting Panels Sculpture
    Prices from $215.00

  6. Silver Swinger
    Silver Swinger

    Silver Figure
    Prices from $236.00

  7. Society Star Chromatic IP
    Society Star Chromatic IP

    Chromatic IP VDP Plated Metal Star
    Prices from $205.00

  8. Azure Blue Art Glass
    Azure Blue Art Glass

    Blue Art Glass
    Prices from $216.00

  9. Crystal Wedge
    Crystal Wedge

    Slanted Crystal with White Crystal Accents
    Prices from $212.00

  10. Leafed Flame
    Leafed Flame

    Crystal Leaf
    Prices from $223.00

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

10 Items

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