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  1. NAMBÉ TEMPO Award

    Pure Aerospace-grade Aluminum Rings, 12"
    Priced from $1995.00

  2. Flames 1 Large Award
    Flames 1 Large Award

    Uplifting High Honor Trophy
    Prices from $1100.00

  3. Gatsby Gold Award
    Gatsby Gold Award

    Large 2-Tone Tapered Tower in Mirrored Luster
    Prices from $565.00

  4. Baccarat Cylinder Award
    Baccarat Cylinder Award

    Baccarat Cylinder
    Priced from $1975.00

  5. Gatsby 2 Gold Award
    Gatsby 2 Gold Award

    Luxury 2-Tone Deco Tower
    Prices from $560.00

  6. Gatsby Large Crystal Award
    Gatsby Large Crystal Award

    Impressive Art Deco Trophy
    Prices from $635.00

  7. Baccarat Octogone Award
    Baccarat Octogone Award

    From Baccarat
    Priced from $1,500.00

  8. Breakthrough Award
    Breakthrough Award

    Made and priced to order at various sizes upon request

  9. Century Art Crystal Award
    Century Art Crystal Award

    Complex, Layered Crystal with Colors
    Prices from $545.00

  10. Crystal Dress Award
    Crystal Dress Award

    Leaded Austrian Crystal Sculpture, US Made
    Prices from $2,000.00

  11. Event Figure Crystal Award
    Event Figure Crystal Award

    Cast Lead Free Crystal On Black Crystal Base
    Prices from $535.00

  12. RIBBONS 1 Award
    RIBBONS 1 Award

    Pure metal, hand finished, electroplated

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

55 Items

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