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  1. Black Piano Finish Wall Plaque
    Black Piano Finish Wall Plaque

    Clear glass on piano black finish plaque
    Priced from $96.00

  2. Gatsby Small Gold
    Gatsby Small Gold

    2-Tone Metal Tower, Layered Deco Panels
    Prices from $285.00

  3. Stepped Obelisk Black Zebra
    Stepped Obelisk Black Zebra

    Natural Stone Tower, Hand-Pieced Construction
    Prices from $110.00

  4. Century Art Crystal
    Century Art Crystal

    Complex, Layered Crystal with Colors
    Prices from $545.00

  5. Black Crystal on Aluminum
    Black Crystal on Aluminum Modern Form, High Contrast Mixed Materials
    Prices from $104.00
  6. Society Angel Rectangle Base
    Society Angel Rectangle Base

    Winged Figure on Black Rectangular Base
    Prices from $165.00


    Designer Interpretation of a Classic Form
    Priced from $175.00

  8. Blue Art
    Blue Art

    Art glass with shades of blue on clear crystal base
    Prices from $110.00

  9. A Panel Tower
    A Panel Tower

    Vertical Aluminum Plaque on Brushed Black Base
    Prices from $80.00

  10. A Panel Flame With Acrylic
    A Panel Flame With Acrylic

    Curved Aluminum Plaque with Black Overlay
    Prices from $95.00

  11. Oval Interchange Black
    Oval Interchange Black

    Oval Free-Standing Flat-Bottom Crystal
    Prices from $35.00

  12. Star Stream
    Star Stream

    Crystal Star
    Prices from $235.00

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516 Items

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