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  1. Bands Silver-Gold
    Bands Silver-Gold

    Twisting Elegant Trophy Sculpture
    Prices from $225.00

  2. Black Crystal on Aluminum
    Black Crystal on Aluminum Modern Form, High Contrast Mixed Materials
    Prices from $104.00
  3. A Panel Tower
    A Panel Tower

    Vertical Aluminum Plaque on Brushed Black Base
    Prices from $75.00

  4. Square Service Plate
    Square Service Plate

    Classic design perfect for serving any cuisine
    Priced from $89.00

  5. Eagle in Flight
    Eagle in Flight

    Metal Eagle on Crystal Base
    Prices from $180.00

  6. Pure Block
    Pure Block

    Solid Aluminum Pillar with Satin Brushed Effect
    Prices from $160.00

  7. Silver Swinger
    Silver Swinger

    Silver Figure
    Prices from $236.00

  8. A Panel Circle With Acrylic
    A Panel Circle With Acrylic

    Circular Aluminum Plaque with Black Overlay
    Prices from $68.00

  9. Galloping Horse
    Galloping Horse

    Metal Horse and Jockey on Crystal Base
    Priced from $131.00

  10. Society Star Zinc
    Society Star Zinc

    Rhodium-Nickel Alloy Plated Metal Star On Base
    Prices from $140.00

  11. Vie Champagne Bucket
    Vie Champagne Bucket Elegant Vessel for Chilling Champagne
    Priced from $125.00
  12. Vower Silver
    Vower Silver

    Shiny, Layered Panels on Base
    Prices from $175.00

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104 Items

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