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  1. Vie Wine Pitcher
    Vie Wine Pitcher

    Glass & Metal Vessel
    Priced from $100.00

  2. Vie Champagne Bucket
    Vie Champagne Bucket Elegant Vessel for Chilling Champagne
    Priced from $125.00
  3. Aria IV
    Aria IV

    Elegant One-of-a-Kind Sculpture
    Prices from $2000.00

    NAMBÉ TEMPO LIMITED Pure Aerospace-grade Aluminum Rings, 16"
    Priced from $10000.00
  5. Cradle Bowl
    Cradle Bowl

    Low & Wide Proportions, Modern Flair
    Priced from $200.00

  6. Braid Cake Plate
    Braid Cake Plate Glass Plate on Artistic, Patterned Stand
    Priced from $135.00
  7. Column Star
    Column Star

    Brilliantly Polished Accessory or Award
    Priced from $85.00

  8. Goddess of the World
    Goddess of the World

    Chrome Figure
    Prices from $209.00

  9. Silver Swinger
    Silver Swinger

    Silver Figure
    Prices from $236.00

  10. A Panel Exclaim With Acrylic
    A Panel Exclaim With Acrylic Tapered Aluminum Plaque with Black Overlay
    Prices from $68.00
  11. Medium Cat Chrome
    Medium Cat Chrome Medium Chrome Cat In Pouncing Stance
    Prices from $270.00
  12. Imposing Cat Chrome
    Imposing Cat Chrome 18" Tall Sculpture of Seated Cat
    Prices from $390.00
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79 Items

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