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  1. Paris Crystal 1 Oval
    Paris Crystal 1 Oval Cut Crystal Gem On Clear Crystal Base
    Prices from $120.00
  2. Wave Crystal Amber
    Wave Crystal Amber Curving Amber Crystal Trophy
    Prices from $195.00
  3. Society Star Copper
    Society Star Copper

    Copper Finish Plated Metal Star
    Prices from $140.00

  4. Paris Crystal 3 Tower
    Paris Crystal 3 Tower 3-Tier Crystal Tower, Opaque Stripe Accents
    Prices from $110.00
  5. Vower Gold
    Vower Gold Shiny, Layered Panels on Base
    Prices from $175.00
  6. Tall Flag
    Tall Flag Crystal Wedge
    Prices from $133.50
  7. Crystal Cylinder
    Crystal Cylinder Crystal Cylinder
    Prices from $73.00
  8. The Deep V
    The Deep V Crystal Column
    Prices from $143.00
  9. Crystal Announcement
    Crystal Announcement Faceted Crystal
    Prices from $82.50
Popularity / Price:    High    Low

21 Items

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