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  1. Society Star Polished Bronze
    Society Star Polished Bronze

    Iconic Form Crafted from Solid American Brass
    Prices from $850.00

  2. Power Check Plaque
    Power Check Plaque

    Artistic Metal Shape Attached To Black Plaque
    Prices from $315.00

  3. Interchange Slant Crystal
    Interchange Slant Crystal

    Angled Crystal Panel Set in Metal Base
    Prices from $52.00

  4. Key to the City
    Key to the City Gold plated key on Rosewood Plaque
    Priced from $89.90
  5. Column Black
    Column Black

    Inky Crystal Tower, Subtle Beveled Edge
    Prices from $80.00

  6. Glory Trophy Cup
    Glory Trophy Cup

    Crystal Cup
    Prices from $167.00

  7. Galloping Horse
    Galloping Horse

    Metal Horse and Jockey on Crystal Base
    Priced from $131.00

  8. Wide Drop Metal
    Wide Drop Metal

    Tapered Metal Column with Sheared Sides
    Prices from $175.00

  9. Vower Gold
    Vower Gold

    Shiny, Layered Panels on Base
    Prices from $240.00

  10. Interchange Peak Crystal
    Interchange Peak Crystal

    Pointed Crystal Panel Set in Metal Base
    Prices from $52.00

  11. Society Spear Resin
    Society Spear Resin

    Gold Plated Resin, Stepped Wooden Base
    Prices from $185.00

  12. Crystal Cylinder
    Crystal Cylinder

    Crystal Cylinder
    Prices from $96.00

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179 Items

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