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  1. PD Plaque
    PD Plaque

    Brushed Silver Panels Flanking a Golden Form
    Prices from $240.00

  2. Flames 1 Large
    Flames 1 Large

    Uplifting High Honor Trophy
    Prices from $1100.00

  3. Modern Tower Bronze
    Modern Tower Bronze

    Architectural Trophy Form
    Prices from $275.00

  4. Society Wings 3
    Society Wings 3

    Striking Golden Artwork on Base
    Prices from $155.00

  5. Modern Tower Gold
    Modern Tower Gold

    Architectural Trophy Form
    Prices from $275.00

  6. X Award Metal
    X Award Metal

    Angular Trophy Plaque
    Prices from $185.00

  7. Modern Tower Silver
    Modern Tower Silver

    Architectural Trophy Form
    Prices from $275.00

  8. Deco Pegasus Small Charcoal
    Deco Pegasus Small Charcoal

    Mythical Winged Stallion, Modernized & Perfected
    Prices from $95.00

  9. Medal 1
    Medal 1

    A Modern Iteration of the Medallion Trophy
    Prices from $175.00

  10. Excellence Award
    Excellence Award

    Diamond-Shaped Crystal Obelisk
    Prices from $196.00

  11. Nautilus Vase Blue
    Nautilus Vase Blue

    Blue Crystal Vase
    Prices from $356.00

  12. Glory Trophy Cup
    Glory Trophy Cup

    Crystal Cup
    Prices from $167.00

  13. Revival Vase
    Revival Vase

    Heart-shaped Vase
    Prices from $257.00

  14. Orbit Flair Vase
    Orbit Flair Vase

    Clear V-shaped vase
    Prices from $85.00

  15. Nautilus Vase Clear
    Nautilus Vase Clear

    Clear Crystal Vase
    Prices from $356.00

  16. Okinawa Vase
    Okinawa Vase

    Crystal Vase
    Prices from $98.00

  17. Orbit Tall Vase
    Orbit Tall Vase

    Clear Vase
    Prices from $110.00

  18. Aspiration

    Metal Chrome Figure on Crystal Base
    Prices from $277.00

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18 Items

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