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  1. Polygon Figure
    Polygon Figure

    Abstract Form with Geometric Quality
    Prices from $135.00

  2. Twist Texture 2
    Twist Texture 2

    Flowing Black & Gold Trophy
    Prices from $135.00

  3. Crystal Column with Base
    Crystal Column with Base

    Black & Clear Crystal Pillar
    Prices from $65.00

  4. Black Crystal on Aluminum
    Black Crystal on Aluminum Modern Form, High Contrast Mixed Materials
    Prices from $104.00
  5. Medal 1
    Medal 1

    A Modern Iteration of the Medallion Trophy
    Prices from $155.00

  6. Society Star Black Nickel
    Society Star Black Nickel

    Black Nickel Finish Plated Metal Star
    Prices from $140.00

  7. Gatsby Black
    Gatsby Black Large 2-Tone Tower, Solid Aluminum Construction
    Prices from $525.00
  8. Aria III
    Aria III

    Artful One-of-a-Kind Award
    Prices from $1500.00

  9. Aria II
    Aria II

    Exceptional, One-of-a-Kind Trophy
    Prices from $1500.00

  10. Vision

    Large & Dramatic Gold Sculpture
    Prices from $1575.00

  11. Century Crystal Cylinder
    Century Crystal Cylinder Contemporary Column with Bold Accents
    Prices from $325.00
  12. Zinc Crystal
    Zinc Crystal Silver Metal & Black Crystal Panels
    Prices from $125.00
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12 Items

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