Diamond Spear

Faceted Crystal
Prices from $143.00

Prices from $143.00
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Cut crystal atop black crystal, tapered cylinder base.

Production Time: 5 to 7 Days
Materials: Crystal
Color: Clear
Size: 14" x 4-1/2"
Weight: 7.5 Lbs.
Engraving: Sand Etching
Packaging Included: Black Presentation Box
Categories: Event, Corporate
Optional Items: Custom, Logo, Colorfill
The Diamond Spear is an elegant and pleasing shape, tall and relatively thin but with a nice wide area for etching. The cuts and bevels are done well and overall this is a popular and attractive shape. The base is interesting in using a tapered cylinder, encouraging the customization to be focused on the flat front of the crystal spear. The nice choice of sizes allow variance in level or substantial awards to be used as the occasion may entail.
SAC220 11" x 4" $143.00
SAC221 13" x 4-1/4" $167.00
SEC606 14" x 4-1/2" $195.00

Text Engraving: Included
Logo Engraving: Included
Set-up Costs: $50.00
Colorfill: $5.00 per item
Proofs: Included upon request
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