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  1. Polygon Figure
    Polygon Figure Abstract Form with Geometric Quality
    Prices from $135.00
  2. Proud Form
    Proud Form Upright Figure with Heroic Stance
    Prices from $115.00
  3. Gold Twist
    Gold Twist 24k Plated Tower with Rotated, Stacked Panels
    Prices from $265.00
  4. Faceted Peak
    Faceted Peak

    Acrylic Peak
    Prices from $32.00

  5. Corporate Spear Zinc
    Corporate Spear Zinc Mirror-Finished, Tapered Spear on Stepped Base
    Prices from $175.00
  6. Corporate Spear Resin
    Corporate Spear Resin Gold Plated Resin, Stepped Wooden Base
    Prices from $150.00
  7. Metal Plaque Gold
    Metal Plaque Gold Glass Riser on Subtle Metal Panel
    Prices from $109.00
  8. Society Star Zinc - Gold
    Society Star Zinc - Gold

    24K Gold Plated Metal Star On Base
    Prices from $140.00

  9. PD Plaque
    PD Plaque Brushed Silver Panels Flanking a Golden Form
    Prices from $195.00
  10. Acrylic Slice
    Acrylic Slice Acrylic Curved Tower
    Prices from $37.00
  11. Water Top Acrylic
    Water Top Acrylic Ridged and Slanted Acrylic
    Prices from $49.50
  12. Modern Obelisk Gold
    Modern Obelisk Gold Gold Plated One Piece Aluminum Obelisk
    Prices from $535.00
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15 Items

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