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  1. Axelle Crystal Black
    Axelle Crystal Black

    Complex Faceted Diamond with Dramatic Presence
    Prices from $110.00

  2. Axelle Crystal Dichroic
    Axelle Crystal Dichroic

    Prismatic Effect in Complex Diamond
    Prices from $120.00

  3. Axelle Crystal Clear
    Axelle Crystal Clear

    Complex Faceted Diamond Form in Optic Crystal
    Prices from $105.00

  4. Blue Beams
    Blue Beams

    Two Blue Triangular Spires With Black Base
    Prices from $260.00

  5. SA Crystal Book
    SA Crystal Book

    Elegant Crystal Book Form with Intricate Gold Colorfill
    Prices from $108.00

  6. Optical Crystal Spinning Pen Set
    Optical Crystal Spinning Pen Set

    Pen Set on Crystal Pyramid
    Prices from $46.00

  7. Gyrations

    Crystal Globe Gyroscope
    Prices from $175.00

  8. Standing Trapezoid
    Standing Trapezoid

    Crystal Trapezoid
    Prices from $49.00

  9. Standing Cube
    Standing Cube

    Crystal Cube
    Prices from $33.00

  10. Crystal Dress
    Crystal Dress

    Leaded Austrian Crystal Sculpture, US Made
    Prices from $2,000.00

  11. Okinawa Bowl
    Okinawa Bowl

    Crystal Bowl
    Prices from $95.00

  12. Crystal Book
    Crystal Book

    Optic Crystal
    Priced from $51.00

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

25 Items

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