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  1. PD Plaque
    PD Plaque

    Brushed Silver Panels Flanking a Golden Form
    Prices from $240.00

  2. Society Spear Zinc
    Society Spear Zinc

    Mirror-Finished, Tapered Spear on Stepped Base
    Prices from $200.00

  3. Silver Swinger
    Silver Swinger

    Silver Figure
    Prices from $236.00

  4. Microphone
    Microphone Gold Microphone award
    Prices from $230.00
  5. Soaring Eagle
    Soaring Eagle

    Chrome Eagle
    Prices from $205.00

  6. Vower Gold
    Vower Gold

    Shiny, Layered Panels on Base
    Prices from $240.00

  7. Event Figure Gold Plated Metal
    Event Figure Gold Plated Metal

    Artistic Metal Figure, Tapered Crystal Base
    Prices from $205.00

  8. SA Star 5
    SA Star 5

    Society Awards Star Column
    Prices from $245.00

  9. Breakthrough Wood and Aluminum
    Breakthrough Wood and Aluminum

    Modern Contrasting Pillars with Mid-Century Flair
    Prices from $215.00

  10. SA Building
    SA Building

    Slanted Crystal, Architectural Chrome
    Priced from $189.00

  11. Goddess of the World
    Goddess of the World

    Chrome Figure
    Prices from $209.00

  12. Society Angel Chromatic IP
    Society Angel Chromatic IP Chromatic IP Angel
    Prices from $235.00
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21 Items

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