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  1. Faceted Peak
    Faceted Peak

    Acrylic Peak
    Prices from $45.00

  2. Azure Globe
    Azure Globe

    Blue Glass Globe
    Prices from $35.00

  3. Standing Cube
    Standing Cube

    Crystal Cube
    Prices from $33.00

  4. Standing Trapezoid
    Standing Trapezoid

    Crystal Trapezoid
    Prices from $49.00

  5. Crystal Football 3
    Crystal Football 3

    Frosted Football
    Prices from $22.00

  6. Square Black Marble Base
    Square Black Marble Base

    Solid black marble base with a center hole.
    Priced from $30.00

  7. Sea Shell Dip Bowl
    Sea Shell Dip Bowl

    Nambé Alloy
    Priced from $35.00

  8. Jade Leaf Marble Base
    Jade Leaf Marble Base

    Bevel-edge Base with Round Indent
    Priced from $43.00

  9. Black Beveled Square Slant Base
    Black Beveled Square Slant Base

    Black crystal beveled base
    Priced from $75.00

  10. Black Beveled Rectangle Base
    Black Beveled Rectangle Base Tapered Crystal Base with Bevel
    Priced from $45.00
  11. Silver Square Award Base
    Silver Square Award Base Brushed aluminum angled base
    Priced from $32.00
  12. Copper Canyon Bowl
    Copper Canyon Bowl

    Copper-coated Nambé Alloy, FDA Food Safe
    Priced from $35.00

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41 Items

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