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  1. Gatsby Small Crystal
    Gatsby Small Crystal

    Tapered Crystal Tower with Art Deco Panel Details
    Prices from $285.00

  2. Pure Block
    Pure Block

    Solid Aluminum Pillar with Satin Brushed Effect
    Prices from $160.00

  3. Gatsby Small Gold
    Gatsby Small Gold

    2-Tone Metal Tower, Layered Deco Panels
    Prices from $255.00

  4. Cobalt Spire
    Cobalt Spire

    Crystal Spire with Cobalt Accents
    Priced from $258.00

  5. Blue Beams
    Blue Beams

    Two Blue Triangular Spires With Black Base
    Prices from $260.00

  6. Luxor Tower
    Luxor Tower Blue and Clear Crystal
    Prices from $264.00
  7. Crystal Works
    Crystal Works

    Artful Cogs on Tapered Base
    Prices from $285.00

  8. Bronze Swirl Plaque
    Bronze Swirl Plaque Metal Plaque with Glass Riser
    Prices from $268.00
  9. Halo Flame
    Halo Flame Chrome Flame
    Prices from $270.00
  10. Reflective Mirror Plaque
    Reflective Mirror Plaque Reflective Plaque
    Prices from $299.00
  11. Dichro Crystal 1 Drop Large
    Dichro Crystal 1 Drop Large

    Large Crystal with Colorful Accent
    Prices from $250.00

  12. Medium Cat Copper
    Medium Cat Copper Medium Copper Cat In Pouncing Stance
    Prices from $270.00
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24 Items

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