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  1. Society Star Crystal Award
    Society Star Crystal Award

    Clear Lead Free Crystal On Base
    Prices from $385.00

  2. Rectangle Block Award
    Rectangle Block Award

    Substantial Optic Crystal with Slightly Beveled Edge
    Prices from $85.00

  3. Black Crystal on Aluminum Award
    Black Crystal on Aluminum Award Modern Form, High Contrast Mixed Materials
    Prices from $104.00
  4. A Crystal Award
    A Crystal Award

    Brilliant, Optic Crystal with Monumental Presence
    Prices from $95.00

  5. Baccarat Octogone Award
    Baccarat Octogone Award

    From Baccarat
    Priced from $1,500.00

  6. Century Art Crystal Award
    Century Art Crystal Award

    Complex, Layered Crystal with Colors
    Prices from $545.00

  7. Metropolis Crystal L Award
    Metropolis Crystal L Award

    Towering Angular, Prismatic Crystal on Base
    Prices from $180.00

  8. X Award Black
    X Award Black

    Black Crystal Tower On Base
    Prices from $125.00

  9. Interchange Slant Crystal Award
    Interchange Slant Crystal Award

    Angled Crystal Panel Set in Metal Base
    Prices from $52.00

  10. Rectangle Block Black Award
    Rectangle Block Black Award

    Substantial Inky Crystal with Subtle Beveled Edge
    Prices from $100.00

  11. Turn Crystal Award
    Turn Crystal Award

    Crystal Tower with an Unexpected, Twisting Form
    Prices from $135.00

  12. Column Black Award
    Column Black Award

    Inky Crystal Tower, Subtle Beveled Edge
    Prices from $80.00

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

54 Items

Exclusives Line

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