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  1. RINGS 1
    RINGS 1

    Pure metal, hand finished, electroplated

  2. Gatsby Silver
    Gatsby Silver

    Large Mirror-Polished Tower, Art Deco Panels
    Prices from $455.00

  3. Stepped Obelisk Amber Onyx
    Stepped Obelisk Amber Onyx

    Natural Stone Tower, Hand-Pieced Construction
    Prices from $103.00

  4. Society Star Polished Bronze
    Society Star Polished Bronze

    Iconic Form Crafted from Solid American Brass
    Prices from $850.00

  5. Corporate Spear Resin
    Corporate Spear Resin

    Gold Plated Resin, Stepped Wooden Base
    Prices from $165.00

  6. X Award Metal
    X Award Metal

    Angular Trophy Plaque
    Prices from $165.00

  7. Gatsby 2 Gold
    Gatsby 2 Gold

    Luxury 2-Tone Deco Tower
    Prices from $560.00

  8. Bands Silver-Gold
    Bands Silver-Gold

    Twisting Elegant Trophy Sculpture
    Prices from $225.00

  9. Crystal Column with Base
    Crystal Column with Base

    Black & Clear Crystal Pillar
    Prices from $65.00


    Pure metal, hand finished, electroplated

  11. Turn Crystal
    Turn Crystal

    Crystal Tower with an Unexpected, Twisting Form
    Prices from $120.00

  12. A Crystal
    A Crystal

    Brilliant, Optic Crystal with Monumental Presence
    Prices from $85.00

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

225 Items

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