Frequently Asked Questions

Stock Ready-to-Order Awards

What are the features of this website? 

The Society Awards website is the only in the industry to offer the complete awards buying experience. It contains all the tools needed to select, price, customize and ship your award. While the website is fully automated and allows you to order awards anytime, it is carefully monitored by our concierge staff to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. If you have any questions about the process or would prefer personalized assistance, simply give us a call at (212) 845-9980

What award should I buy? 

This is a common question. In some instances, a person has been tasked to find a great award without any knowledge of how to do that. We often hear something to the effect of, "Hi, my boss asked me to call you and find a great award for our sales team, and I have no idea what to get." How can you know what a great award is? How do you know what your boss really wants? You can rely on the Society Awards concierges. We have the industry's best knowledge of awards for all occasions and circumstances. If you would like personalized assistance or suggestions, please contact a Society Awards concierge at (212) 845-9980. You may also find it helpful to view our categorized awards recommendations.

What is the Exclusives Line? 

The Exclusives Line is a meticulously designed and crafted collection of artful awards by Society Awards, and it is available nowhere else. These designs, that carry our brand name, present themselves more similarly to high-end custom awards than anything else on the market. Other awards on our site, which we call “Selections,” are curated from the marketplace. These are very good awards, but the Exclusives Line is something even more special. Each award in the collection has been carefully designed and manufactured on par with fine home décor. The Exclusive awards are the next best thing to fully custom awards. They have the fashion, style and flair of our custom awards but do not entail the setup costs or lead times that custom awards often require. It’s the best of both worlds. View the entire Exclusives Collection in our Digital Boutique

What if I am looking for an award that is not on the site?

Call us and ask; we can provide nearly any award you need (and we love a challenge). One of our concierges can be reached at (212) 845-9980 or

How are your awards priced?

Our pricing is kept simple.  A per-unit price is determined by the number of awards you are ordering. This price includes the award, personalized copy, gift packaging, artwork and proofs. There is an additional set up charge, which is the cost for preparing the artwork on your award. The setup is only charged once per product type (per order). If you order one or you order one hundred of a given product, there will be only one set up charge. The only other cost is shipping, which is determined during check out. You have the choice between ground and expedited delivery.

What are turnaround times?

Our standard turnaround time is 5 to 7 days.  We find that this is plenty of time to accommodate most awards needs. Production time starts after proofs are approved.  If you need your award much sooner than that, please reach out to an awards concierge at (212) 845-9980. We will accommodate your timing, if possible. 

Why should I personalize my award?

The fact is, recipients love seeing their own name on an award – it’s a part of what makes an award so special and important. Whether it’s a personalized plate or etching, personalization makes the award. We make personalizing awards easy with the only 24/7 full-service awards site in the industry. Whether you are ordering one award or many, it's easy to choose a beautiful award and add your unique personalization. After placing your order, an experienced Society Awards designer create a professional proof for your approval, giving you a chance to preview your customization before production begins.

What does personalization look like on my award?

Awards may be personalized in several different ways (although each material has a preferred way to be customized). Most metal awards on a base are personalized with a metal plate. Crystal and glass awards are typically personalized with etching, which creates a matte text (or logo) on the surface.  Etched awards may be color-filled with gold, silver, black or white. Acrylic is usually lasered—this gives the award a frosted look similar to sandblasting on crystal. Examples of plates and etching can be found on our Customization page

How does online customization work?

Online award customization is simple to use. First, select your award. If you need help figuring out which award to choose, try the Society Recommendations tab or call one of our dedicated concierges at (212) 845-9980. Next, click on the “Customize Award” button, which takes you to our customization application. From here you can add a logo and/or text. To enter text of different sizes, simply add multiple text boxes and place and size the text on the award where you would like your personalization to appear. Please note that all personalization files are reviewed by our design team, and we may suggest improvements to optimize your layout. A layout proof will be sent to you for final approval.

What if I want to customize more than one award?

Many clients order multiple awards with both “common copy” and “personalized copy.” Common copy includes the type of award and date, whereas personalized copy includes the recipient’s name and title. If this is the case, once you have entered the information for your first awardee, simply click on the “Add to Cart & Duplicate Design” button. This will create a second customization template with the same copy. From there you can update the copy with changes for the next recipient and repeat the process for as many recipients as you need. If you have a long list or would prefer assistance, reach out to us at (212) 845-9980 or

What materials do you use? 

We create our awards out of all kinds of materials. Two of our most popular materials are crystal and electro-plated metal. Each of these materials produces a beautiful award and each has a unique, high-quality feel. We also make a large number of stunning awards from acrylic and Lucite. If you’re considering a custom project, we have expert knowledge of materials and are ready to help you find the optimal material for your project. You can reach one of our expert concierges at (212) 845-9980

How heavy is an award?

Award weight can vary a lot depending on the size and material. Metal and crystal awards will usually be heavier than a Lucite award of equal-size. Weight is often commensurate with perceived value and should be strategically considered. Our team is well-equipped to help you make this judgement based on the type of event or honor.

How do you ship your awards?

We keep shipping simple for our clients. All awards are shipped with FedEx. We offer ground and expedited service and ship to over 150 countries each year with absolute accuracy. Our superior service is achieved, in part, through excellent support relations with both domestic and international FedEx personnel. We follow a strict quality control procedure and employ a long-term, highly-skilled production team that operates out of our 38,000 square foot production facility in Grove, OK. So you can expect your awards to arrive safely and on time.

Do you have a minimum order? 

Yes, our minimum order is one. Seriously, there is no minimum order requirement. Minimum orders make sense with custom projects because there are significant setup costs that make low volume prohibitive. This is exactly why we introduced the Exclusives Line. It’s the only collection of its kind on the market, and it’s only available through Society Awards. These pieces have been designed and crafted with the same flair, style and craftsmanship that define a custom Society Awards creation. An Exclusives award offers high-end, custom-quality without the setup and tooling costs. View the Exclusives Collection

What is the certificate of authenticity?

When you receive your Exclusives Line or Custom award there is a certificate of authenticity inside. Clients have asked, “What is this about?” Simply put, it’s a small certificate, offered in several languages, which confirms that the award you are holding was designed and crafted by Society Awards and upholds our industry-leading quality standards.

How will anyone know that this is an award from Society Awards?

Our awards are designed with unique design flair. Our tenured clients recognize our creations as uniquely “us.” We manufacture more high-end and high-profile awards than any company in the industry, and many clients enjoy telling  winners that their award comes from Society Awards. In addition to our signature luxury design and craftsmanship, each Society Awards creation arrives in a signature gold presentation box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (and instructions for care).

What type of gift packaging do your awards come in? 

The type of packaging is noted on each product page. Virtually all of our Exclusives Line of awards ship in our signature gold presentation box. 

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in New York City, in the Midtown area. Clients are welcome to visit and discuss projects with us at any time. If you do schedule a visit, you will have the opportunity to see firsthand our extensive library of beautiful, prestigious awards. We also have dedicated distribution and production facilities in the Midwest that allow us to easily reach domestic locations from coast to coast.

How should I plan for a set event date?

We strongly recommend that you plan for your awards to arrive at least one day before the event. If you are unsure when to order or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (212) 845-9980 or Our dedicated concierges are highly knowledgeable in production lead times and on-time delivery.

Custom Awards

Why are you the best awards company? 

Firstly, we create high-end, exclusive awards. We have built the most extensive client base in the industry and make more custom awards than any company. By varying the client and project, we have built an indisputable expertise in luxury and custom awards design and manufacture. Additionally, our place as the world’s only luxury awards designer and manufacturer has held strong because of an uncompromised and unmatched commitment to service, quality and great design. Check out our extensive custom project work by visiting our Custom Awards Gallery

Can you store inventory for us? 

For large scale programs, where awards are called out over a period of time, we are happy to discuss with you the option to store and ship on-demand. This is a special added value that we are able to provide certain clients.

Can you replicate my existing award?

Many clients ask us to replicate an existing award, one they are already receiving from another manufacturer. While we love to design our own awards, we happily welcome the chance to manufacture other award designs. Society Awards employs long-term design and engineering experts to recreate your existing award. Those teams work with our experienced artisans to ensure that the design is perfectly executed. In fact, replicated designs benefit from our superior craftsmanship and finishing techniques to produce an even more lustrous and consistent result. Our advanced die casting process eliminates flaws while our superior materials, finishes and polishing techniques ensure a higher-end award. These are just a couple of the reasons we make awards better than anyone else.

Do you handle fulfillment? 

Yes, fulfillment is one of the added value services we provide. We manufacture and personalize awards, and can easily handle fulfillment. We have extensive drop-shipping experience and continue to ship single awards and bulk orders to residences, businesses and venues around the globe. We are able to provide a custom digital shop specifically for your program (additional costs apply). A few examples of this capability can be found on our Client Retail Stores page

Can my winners order duplicate awards through you?

Yes. Winners often order additional awards after an event, and we are happy to ship directly to your winners. However, we will need your approval to provide this service. Your Concierge will establish an order approval process with you so that additional awards are distributed exactly as intended.

What different colors and finishes can you provide?

For cast metal awards, there are typically five finishes that companies use – gold, silver, bronze, copper and black nickel.  Gold, silver and bronze finishes can be done as shiny or matte finish. We also offer a wide array of colors of acrylic, Lucite, natural stone and crystal. If you have something in mind for a custom project, reach out to one of our concierges at (212) 845-9980 and we will be happy to discuss our vast capabilities in the context of your unique project. Examples of our custom awards projects can be found in our Custom Awards Gallery

Can I inventory and ship to winners myself?

Awards are sculptures. Even if they appear solid, they are fragile when shipped or handled roughly. Imagine an award as a piece of art or a fragile item like a lamp or vase. If you do not have a commercial shipping department which routinely ships fragile items, we do not recommend that you ship awards yourself. If you need to ship an award, take it to be professionally packaged. When possible, have us handle shipment. Society Awards maintains industry-leading processes to ensure safe packaging and transit, but we are not responsible for any shipping damage. If an award we ship arrives damaged, we have a procedure to address. Please reach out to us promptly at (212) 845-9980, and we will assist you. If you ship an item yourself and it is damaged, we will do our best to help you get it replaced or repaired at additional cost. 

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