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  1. Cube FG
    Cube FG

    Clear Crystal Cube on Base
    Prices from $75.00

  2. Hexagon Gold Red
    Hexagon Gold Red

    Faceted Metal + Crystal Columns, Staggered Formation
    Prices from $185.00

  3. Big Money Large
    Big Money Large

    Dual Wavey Shapes On Black Back Crystal Base
    Prices from $245.00

  4. Society Star Red Crystal
    Society Star Red Crystal

    Sculptural Trophy in Vibrant Hue
    Prices from $495.00

  5. Faceted Column Black
    Faceted Column Black

    Gem Like Crystal in Black
    Prices from $130.00

  6. Dichro Crystal 1 Drop Large
    Dichro Crystal 1 Drop Large

    Large Crystal with Colorful Accent
    Prices from $275.00

  7. Century Column Red
    Century Column Red

    8" Clear Crystal with Red Accents
    Prices from $165.00

  8. Rectangle Standard
    Rectangle Standard

    Standard Crystal Rectangle
    Prices from $75.00

  9. Oval Impact FG
    Oval Impact FG

    Clear & Black Crystal, Flat Front
    Prices from $110.00

  10. Century Art Crystal
    Century Art Crystal

    Complex, Layered Crystal with Colors
    Prices from $545.00

  11. Hexagon Red Clear
    Hexagon Red Clear

    Staggered, Faceted Crystals, Crimson Accent
    Prices from $200.00

  12. Vertical Deep
    Vertical Deep

    Vertical Deep Rectangle on Base
    Prices from $80.00

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111 Items

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