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  1. Golden Foil
    Golden Foil

    Metal Plaque with Glass Riser
    Priced from $266.00

  2. Celestial
    Celestial Glass & Metal Sculpture
    Prices from $315.00
  3. Azure Blue Art Glass
    Azure Blue Art Glass

    Blue Art Glass
    Prices from $216.00

  4. Eminence Art Glass
    Eminence Art Glass

    Colorful Glass Sculpture
    Prices from $165.00

  5. Color Climb
    Color Climb

    Glass with Colorful Accents
    Prices from $84.00

  6. Metallic Leaf Plaque
    Metallic Leaf Plaque Bronze tone plaque
    Prices from $160.00
  7. Reflective Mirror Plaque
    Reflective Mirror Plaque

    Reflective Plaque
    Prices from $299.00

  8. Simple Spike
    Simple Spike

    Glass Triangle
    Prices from $75.00

  9. Jade Sun
    Jade Sun

    Jade Circle
    Prices from $69.00

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

33 Items

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