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  1. Super C Silver Medium
    Super C Silver Medium

    Curved Tapered Sculpture On Black Circular Base
    Prices from $150.00

  2. SA Star 2
    SA Star 2

    Rising Cluster of Silver & Black Stars
    Prices from $90.00

  3. Imposing Cat Chrome
    Imposing Cat Chrome 18" Tall Sculpture of Seated Cat
    Prices from $390.00
  4. Aria IV
    Aria IV

    Elegant & Rare Sculpture
    Prices from $2500.00

  5. Vower Gold
    Vower Gold

    Shiny, Layered Panels on Base
    Prices from $240.00


    Pure Aerospace-grade Aluminum Rings, 16"
    Priced from $10000.00

  7. RINGS 1
    RINGS 1

    Pure metal, hand finished, electroplated

  8. A Panel Tower With Acrylic
    A Panel Tower With Acrylic

    Vertical Aluminum Plaque with Black Overlay
    Prices from $95.00

  9. SA Building
    SA Building

    Slanted Crystal, Architectural Chrome
    Priced from $189.00

  10. Badge Award
    Badge Award

    Rising Badge Extrusion Shape in Solid Aluminum
    Prices from $1180.00

  11. Goddess of the World
    Goddess of the World

    Chrome Figure
    Prices from $209.00

  12. Hexagon Silver Silver
    Hexagon Silver Silver

    Faceted Metal Columns, Staggered Formation
    Prices from $140.00

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105 Items

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