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  1. Flames 2
    Flames 2

    Multi-Finish Twisting Panels Sculpture
    Prices from $195.00

  2. Rock On
    Rock On

    Rocker Metal Hand Trophy
    Priced from $275.00

  3. Computer 1
    Computer 1

    Custom Aluminum Desktop Form
    Prices from $110.00

  4. Vower Silver
    Vower Silver

    Shiny, Layered Panels on Base
    Prices from $215.00


    Pure Aerospace-grade Aluminum Rings, 16"
    Priced from $10000.00

  6. Butterfly Bowl
    Butterfly Bowl

    Museum Style for the Table, Designed in 1967
    Priced from $130.00

  7. SA Star 3
    SA Star 3

    Burst Of Silver Stars Emerging from Base
    Prices from $75.00

  8. Modern Obelisk Aluminum
    Modern Obelisk Aluminum

    Single-Piece Machined Aluminum Pillar, Polished
    Prices from $490.00

  9. Aria Silver
    Aria Silver

    Large Sweeping Metal Curves, Black Crystal Base
    Prices from $1000.00

  10. Silver Plated Resin Football
    Silver Plated Resin Football

    Football On Rosewood Finish Base
    Prices from $106.00

  11. Medium Cat Chrome
    Medium Cat Chrome Medium Chrome Cat In Pouncing Stance
    Prices from $270.00
  12. Oblong Nest Salad Bowl w/ Servers
    Oblong Nest Salad Bowl w/ Servers

    Nambé Alloy with Acacia Wood Servers
    Priced from $125.00

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103 Items

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