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  1. Society Wings 1
    Society Wings 1

    Vertical Metal Wings on Black Wood Base
    Prices from $145.00

  2. Poly Angel Silver
    Poly Angel Silver

    Modern Winged Trophy
    Prices from $135.00

  3. Black Crystal on Aluminum
    Black Crystal on Aluminum Modern Form, High Contrast Mixed Materials
    Prices from $104.00
  4. Metal Plaque Silver
    Metal Plaque Silver

    Glass Riser on Subtle Metal Panel
    Prices from $115.00

  5. Galloping Horse
    Galloping Horse

    Metal Horse and Jockey on Crystal Base
    Priced from $131.00

  6. Deco Pegasus Silver
    Deco Pegasus Silver

    Iconic Winged Horse in Larger Size,
    Modernized & Perfected
    Prices from $120.00

  7. Hexagon Silver Silver
    Hexagon Silver Silver

    Faceted Metal Columns, Staggered Formation
    Prices from $140.00

  8. Ion Bowl
    Ion Bowl

    Nambé Serving Bowl
    Priced from $125.00

  9. Arc Bowl
    Arc Bowl

    Contemporary Shape, Unexpected Detail
    Priced from $110.00

  10. Butterfly Bowl
    Butterfly Bowl

    Museum Style for the Table, Designed in 1967
    Priced from $100.00

  11. Classic Round Tray
    Classic Round Tray

    Nambé Serving Tray
    Priced from $100.00

  12. Tahoe Pitcher
    Tahoe Pitcher

    Sleek Stainless Steel Pitcher
    Priced from $125.00

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21 Items

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