Mille Nuits Flute, Set of 2

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SKU: BAC2810597-SCP

Production Time: 10 days
Material: Crystal
Size: 11.4"
Weight: lb
Packaging Included: Red Presentation Box
The name Mille Nuits is a reference to the 1001 Tales of The Arabian Nights and to the world of the Orient. The –issimo suffix emphasizes the design's overall sleekness. The smooth narrow bowl contrasts with the intricacy of the beveled stem: the detailing travels all the way down to the ridged foot. The two halves are united by the elegant diamond-shaped center, which is the Mille Nuits signature. In addition to the Clear crystal, the Flutissimo is also available in a variety of vivid colors.
BAC2810597 Clear $520.00
BAC2811584 Amber $600.00
BAC2811585 Blue $600.00
BAC2811587 Purple $600.00
BAC2811586 Moss $600.00
BAC2811226 Midnight $600.00
BAC2810596 Red $600.00
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