Mille Nuits Glass

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SKU: BAC2104720-SCP

Production Time: 10 days
Material: Crystal
Size: 6.7"
Weight: lb
Packaging Included: Red Presentation Box
Designed by Mathias for Baccarat, the name Mille Nuits is a reference to the 1001 Tales of The Arabian Nights, and to the world of the Orient. The signature of the Mille Nuits set is the elegant diamond-cut center, which sits just between the bowl and the top of the stem. The Mille Nuits collection is also comprised of champagne flutes available in a variety of vivid colors. Within Tableware, the Mille Nuits collection extends to decanters and plates. Within the Home Décor category, the Mille Nuits collection extends to chandeliers, lamps, candelabras.
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