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  1. Crystal Golf Ball
    Crystal Golf Ball Crystal Base, Neck & Ball
    Prices from $78.00
  2. Vie Champagne Bucket
    Vie Champagne Bucket Elegant Vessel for Chilling Champagne
    Priced from $125.00
  3. Vie Decanter Tall
    Vie Decanter Tall Tapered Glass Vessel, Acacia Lid
    Priced from $100.00
  4. Society Star Black Nickel
    Society Star Black Nickel

    Black Nickel Finish Plated Metal Star
    Prices from $140.00

  5. Braid Cake Plate
    Braid Cake Plate Glass Plate on Artistic, Patterned Stand
    Priced from $135.00
  6. Deco Award Black
    Deco Award Black Crystal Plaque with Accent lines, Crystal Base
    Priced from $125.00
  7. Metal Plaque Silver
    Metal Plaque Silver Glass Riser on Subtle Metal Panel
    Prices from $104.00
  8. Black Success
    Black Success Black and Clear Plaques
    Priced from $125.00
  9. Nautilus Vase Clear
    Nautilus Vase Clear Clear Crystal Vase
    Prices from $322.00
  10. Nautilus Vase Blue
    Nautilus Vase Blue Blue Crystal Vase
    Prices from $322.00
  11. Eminence Art Glass
    Eminence Art Glass Colorful Glass Sculpture
    Prices from $148.00
  12. Double Flame
    Double Flame Glass Flames on Rosewood Base
    Prices from $106.00
Popularity / Price:    High    Low

50 Items

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