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  1. Revival Vase
    Revival Vase

    Heart-shaped Vase
    Prices from $234.00

  2. Red Success
    Red Success

    Red and Clear Plaques
    Priced from $125.00

  3. Laguna Decanter
    Laguna Decanter

    Crystal Decanter
    Priced from $126.00

  4. Skyline

    Clear and Blue Crystal Slant
    Prices from $109.00

  5. Double Flame
    Double Flame Glass Flames on Rosewood Base
    Prices from $106.00
  6. Metallic Leaf Plaque
    Metallic Leaf Plaque Bronze tone plaque
    Prices from $160.00
  7. Society Wings 3
    Society Wings 3

    Striking Golden Artwork on Base
    Prices from $140.00

  8. Plaza Vase Tall
    Plaza Vase Tall

    Sleek Metal Form
    Priced from $100.00

  9. Century Column Purple
    Century Column Purple

    8" Clear Crystal with Purple Accents
    Prices from $140.00

  10. Braid Cake Plate
    Braid Cake Plate Glass Plate on Artistic, Patterned Stand
    Priced from $135.00
  11. Nautilus Vase Clear
    Nautilus Vase Clear

    Clear Crystal Vase
    Prices from $322.00

  12. Facet Flame
    Facet Flame

    Flame Shaped Crystal
    Prices from $112.00

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

58 Items

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