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  1. Crystal Bar Plaque
    Crystal Bar Plaque

    Prismatic Plaque on Black Base
    Prices from $90.00

  2. Golden Cup
    Golden Cup

    Gold Plated Award Cup
    Prices from $50.00

  3. Standing Cube
    Standing Cube

    Crystal Cube
    Prices from $33.00

  4. Flames 3
    Flames 3

    Uplifting Sculpture in Gold
    Prices from $130.00

  5. Black Crystal Base
    Black Crystal Base Black Crystal Base
    Prices from $59.00
  6. Black Piano Finish Wall Plaque
    Black Piano Finish Wall Plaque

    Clear glass on piano black finish plaque
    Priced from $96.00

  7. Rectangle Block Black
    Rectangle Block Black

    Substantial Inky Crystal with Subtle Beveled Edge
    Prices from $100.00

  8. Little Spinner
    Little Spinner

    Desk Top Spinner
    Prices from $58.00

  9. Smoky Flame
    Smoky Flame Flame Shaped Glass
    Prices from $78.40
  10. Tapered Circle
    Tapered Circle

    Crystal Disc
    Prices from $70.00

  11. Column Black
    Column Black

    Inky Crystal Tower, Subtle Beveled Edge
    Prices from $80.00

  12. Crystal Goblet Short
    Crystal Goblet Short

    Crystal Goblet Short
    Prices from $84.00

  13. Shooting Star
    Shooting Star

    Acrylic Star
    Prices from $78.00

  14. Water Top Acrylic
    Water Top Acrylic

    Ridged and Slanted Acrylic
    Prices from $68.00

  15. Wedge Facet
    Wedge Facet

    Acrylic Wedge
    Prices from $64.00

  16. Football on Pedestal
    Football on Pedestal

    Clear Football Ball on Pedestal
    Prices from $124.00

  17. Standing Trapezoid
    Standing Trapezoid

    Crystal Trapezoid
    Prices from $49.00

  18. The Majestic Triangle Award
    The Majestic Triangle Award

    Crystal Triangle
    Priced from $105.00

  19. Diamond Mt S
    Diamond Mt S

    Diamond Mt S
    Prices from $75.00

  20. Orbit Tall Vase
    Orbit Tall Vase

    Clear Vase
    Prices from $110.00

  21. Clear Beveled Rectangle Base
    Clear Beveled Rectangle Base

    Tapered Optic Crystal base with Bevel
    Priced from $41.00

  22. Smoke Glass Arch
    Smoke Glass Arch Smoked Glass
    Prices from $61.00
  23. Diamond Mt M
    Diamond Mt M

    Diamond Mt M
    Prices from $95.00

  24. Beveled Rectangle
    Beveled Rectangle

    Beveled Rectangle
    Prices from $75.00

  25. Deco Pegasus Sm
    Deco Pegasus Sm

    Paper weight sized 2-5/8" art deco shiny gold plated

    Prices from $50.00

  26. Cube FG
    Cube FG

    Clear Crystal Cube on Base
    Prices from $75.00

  27. Okinawa Bowl
    Okinawa Bowl

    Crystal Bowl
    Prices from $102.00

  28. Oval Interchange Silver
    Oval Interchange Silver

    Metal Free-Standing Flat-Bottom Oval
    Prices from $65.00

  29. Crystal Peak
    Crystal Peak

    Faceted Crystal form with Blue Accent
    Prices from $105.00

  30. Plaza Vase
    Plaza Vase

    Tapered Metal Form
    Priced from $85.00

  31. Okinawa Vase
    Okinawa Vase

    Crystal Vase
    Prices from $98.00

  32. Orbit Flair Vase
    Orbit Flair Vase

    Clear V-shaped vase
    Prices from $85.00

  33. Crystal Announcement
    Crystal Announcement

    Faceted Crystal
    Prices from $95.00

  34. Slanted Rectangle Monolith
    Slanted Rectangle Monolith

    Tapered Crystal
    Prices from $80.00

  35. Blue Drop Crystal
    Blue Drop Crystal

    Faceted Crystal
    Prices from $86.00

  36. Crystal Bud Holder
    Crystal Bud Holder

    Crystal Bud Holder
    Prices from $59.50

  37. Color Climb
    Color Climb

    Glass with Colorful Accents
    Prices from $84.00

  38. Crystal Pyramid
    Crystal Pyramid

    Clear Crystal Pyramid
    Prices from $107.00

  39. Crystal Flag
    Crystal Flag

    Beveled Crystal
    Prices from $91.00

  40. Beveled Arch
    Beveled Arch

    Rounded Crystal with Beveled Edge
    Prices from $80.00

  41. Jade Sun
    Jade Sun

    Jade Circle
    Prices from $69.00

  42. Crystal Expression
    Crystal Expression

    Faceted Crystal
    Prices from $57.00

  43. Crystal Hexagon
    Crystal Hexagon

    Crystal Hexagon
    Prices from $71.00

  44. Clear Crystal Base
    Clear Crystal Base

    Clear Crystal Base
    Prices from $60.00

  45. Hexagon Tower
    Hexagon Tower

    Acrylic Tower
    Prices from $66.00

  46. Acrylic Accent
    Acrylic Accent

    Beveled Acrylic
    Prices from $56.00

  47. Sabre

    Grooved, Polished Acrylic
    Prices from $91.00

Popularity / Price:    High    Low

47 Items

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