Sports 1 - Football

Gold Football Ball on a Black Round Base
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Prices from $415.00
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Production Time: 5 to 7 days
Materials: Metal
Color: Gold
Size: 4.15” x 16.875”
Weight: 9 Lbs.
Engraving: Engraved Plate
Packaging Included: Gold Presentation Box
Categories: Exclusive, Metal, Event, Sports, Football
Powerful and captivating, this football award is an elevated interpretation of the classic athletic trophy. A gold football sits atop a gold cup with handles that emanate elegantly from the exterior of the tapered cylindrical structure. The tall black columnar base parallels the rounded shape of the award. This distinguished form commands excellence.
SEM853 4.15” x 16.875” Qty 1
Price $415.00

Text Engraving: Not Available
Logo Engraving: Not Available
Colorfill: Not Available
Proofs: Included upon request
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