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2021 Houston Sports Awards


Houston Sports Award


This year marked the fourth annual Houston Sports Awards. The prestigious event, which was held in April, celebrates Houston's top athletes, both past and present.


Houston is a city known for its incredible sporting talent, and the Houston Sports Awards honor that talent with a world-class event and custom trophy. Award categories include the Sportsmanship Award, Athlete of the Year and Moment of the Year.


The Hall of Fame inducted its fourth class which included, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Andre Johnson, Guy V. Lewis and Bill Yeoman.


The grand trophy is a rising, sweeping form, capped with an elegant star shape. It is an iconic and unique sculpture that meets the prestige of the great talent it aims to honor. The award is precision-cast in metal using a proprietary process. The final form is plated in a high-end silver chrome that is hand-polished to a mirror-like finish.


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