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AVA Digital Awards




The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) has been a leading voice in the creative industry for over twenty years. The brand leads five of the industry’s most famous recognition programs, including the AVA Digital Awards.


The AVA Digital Awards program is an international  competition that honors excellence in digital communication planning, design, and production by creative professionals.


Designed to highlight the advancement of the digital arts, the AVA statuette is an elegant female form with arms outstretched, holding a film reel scattering into digital pixelation. The film reel is transforming into a series of cubes, symbolizing the growth of the communication industry into digital interactivity and the web. The form comes in either gold or platinum-chrome plating, both mounted on a black nickel base.


Entry for the prestigious competition opens November 1, 2021.


Learn more about The AVA Digital Awards.

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