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Canadian Game Awards


Canadian Game Awards


Society Awards had the pleasure of working with the Canadian Game Awards, an expert in the video game industry. Canada is the third largest developer of video games in the world. To recognize this place among the top of a massive and growing industry, the Canadian Game Awards celebrate the Canadian game industry from content creators to e-sports professionals.


After a years-long hiatus, the Canadian Game Awards were ready to come back with a bang in 2021. The hope is for future ceremonies to travel between Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver—the three major Canadian hubs for video game development.


We worked directly with Canadian Game Awards Executive Producer Carl Edwin-Michel in designing this impressive custom award. The goal was to allude to the brand’s iconic logo, which holds a particularly special meaning to the Canadian gaming community. The final design merges three extruded pillars arranged on a base that, when viewed from above create the visual impression of the Canadian Game Awards logo. The three pillars additionally represent the three pillars of gaming: developers, content creators and e-sports. This unique custom trophy also includes a complex, futuristic metal base and high-end finishes.


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