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5 famous custom trophies by Society Awards on a conference table

Five custom trophies from our creative competition clients are pictured above in our trophy room. From left to right: Graphis, Muse Creative, the dieline, Creativity International, Inkpot. Read on to learn about these incredible, prestigious programs and the custom awards behind them.

Graphis Awards

The Graphis awards honor exceptional creative works in the fields of advertising, design and photography. The shape of the Graphis trophy is an abstract letter ‘G.’ The metal award comes in two finishes that correspond with the winning tiers – either gold or platinum. The electroplated forms are polished to a mirror-like finish before being hand-painted with one of three colors in the central recess in the ‘G.’ The color denotes the category in which the winner was awarded – red is design, green is advertising and yellow means photography.

Muse Creative Award

The Muse Creative Awards recognize a wide range of creative professionals for their work. Categories include advertising, branding, photography and strategic marketing initiatives, among others. The program’s trophy is in the form of a female figure that is at once both angelic and heroic, almost warrior-like. The realistic features of the hands and face lead into an abstract body and a seamless base. The above pictured is the second annual edition of the form, which came in black nickel plating with the color of the headdress signifying the winner’s achievement level (either rose gold, gold or – at the highest level – platinum). The headdresses also incorporate vibrant, high-end crystals.

the dieline Awards

For the prestigious packaging competition, a truly unique trophy was needed. The final form is inspired by the outline of an unfolded box (a dieline). This shape is given a third dimension by appearing as extruded on an angle. The trophy is plated in 24k gold on both faces and in black nickel on the sides. The dieline trophy is presented in fully custom, luxury packaging.

Creativity International

The Creativity International awards honor exceptional work in graphic design and advertising (through a wide range of mediums). The brand’s iconic logo is that of an abstract, artistic female figure. The previous trophy incorporated this logo as a sand-etched image on a standing metal plaque. To give the award an even more modern and exceptional presence, the logo was brought to life as a three-dimensional form. The result is an impressive trophy for an impressive accomplishment. It is available in four different finishes – bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


The Inkpot is a playful, anthropomorphized figure presented at the annual Comic-Con convention to the world’s most influential commercial artists. The character is made into a vibrant brand champion in this execution. The metal trophy is crafted from a proprietary process that allows for exceptional detail. It is finished with a rich, black nickel plating and contrasting 24k gold accents.

With the exception of the Inkpot Awards, all of these creative competitions are open for creative professionals to apply. They are all highly prestigious and each is a brilliant way to showcase and validate your creative work (we often submit our own design work). You can click any of the above title links to visit the individual competition web pages and explore.

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