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Custom Cast Awards, The Society Awards Way


ARTISTRY: The creation of a custom cast award is a blending of artistic design and vision with the highest quality manufacturing processes, presented in a way that delights the recipient.

SKETCH:  We begin every custom casting with our artist’s interpretation of the award in a beautiful sketch that includes dimensions and materials.

3D:  For most custom castings, we bring the sketch to life through a detailed 3D rendering representative of the awards shape, size and color.

CLAY: From the sketch or 3D rendering, we create a clay model that is a true-to-form model of the finished award, molded and sculpted to show the awards intricacies and fine detail.

CASTING: The clay model is used to develop a steel mold, commonly used in heavy industrial die cast equipment. This process provides a superior, crisper and more detailed casting than standard hand-casting.

FINISH:  The perfect finish for the perfect award. Our beautiful cast awards are plated in durable gold, silver, bronze, copper, rose gold, or gunmetal, with a mirror shiny, lightly brushed or antiqued finish.

PACKAGING: To make the presentation of the award equally as special, our signature Golden Gift Box is custom made for each cast award, with special care instructions and a certificate of authenticity. 

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