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Custom Corporate & Employee Awards for Viacom

3 employee awards created for Viacom on white background

Viacommunity is an internal department of entertainment leader Viacom who hosts such prestigious award ceremonies as MTV, CMT and BET. Its mission is simple and noteworthy: to better the communities in which Viacom serves and make a positive social impact on the people and areas in which its employees work and live. Real, lasting, far-reaching differences in the areas of education, health, environment and citizenship. The organization asked Society Awards to design and manufacture awards for their philanthropic and community outreach programs, Get Schooled and their own internal Spirit Awards.  

Viacom recognizes the importance of reaching out to the local community in promoting education, and its “Get Schooled” program uses the power of media and popular culture to inspire students to remain in school. Society developed the colorful award using the program branding designs to recognize key movers and shakers, people and schools which at a local level helped students understand and appreciate the value of education. We focused on a book shape and theme, to underscore the educational connection of the award to the program, but in a fun new way.

Internally, Viacom recognizes those employees whose spirit of citizenship and teamwork stands out, both in their commitment to local organizations and their volunteer work. The company asked Society Awards to design the Spirit Award to be presented at Viacom Town Hall meetings, which provide an open, intra-company forum celebrating all things related to the company’s community and culture.

Society Awards created an award that captured the branding elements and colors of the Viacommunity logo: a pair of translucent blue and clear brackets (the clear bracket picked up images from the company website) coming together on a metal base. A Viacommunity spokesperson was thrilled with the awards, noting after the event, “the awards looked great and people were very happy with them – especially the recipients. Thanks so much for all your help on the awards!”

Custom corporate awards provide an opportunity for branding and messaging. While the corporate and program details can often represent design restraints, our goal is always to meet those needs while also creating a beautiful sculpture that people would be happy to display artistically. It’s the higher standard of meeting both needs that we always hold ourselves to.