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Custom Sports Awards by Society

Group of six custom sports trophies by Society Awards displayed on a white table

Photographed above, a selection of sports trophies crafted by Society Awards displayed in our trophy showroom. From left to right: Hall of Game, Player of the Year, NFLPA Football trophy, Golden Goggles, ESPY, Wing award, Sportswear corporate trophy. Continue reading to learn about the spectacular design and craftsmanship behind these stunning sport awards.

Hall of Game Awards

This trophy, created for Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards, is even more unique than it lets on at first. The color and shape are unusual to start with, but beyond that the trophy houses an electric unit, batteries and a series of lighting elements. The 24k gold plated form has a thick orange Lucite acrylic face that lights up by flipping a discreet switch located on the back of the form. The trophy is visually impactful even from a distance, making it ideal for the youthful audience and recipients of this televised program.

NFLPA Football trophy

This remarkable piece of recognition is presented to the winning team of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. A metal football is mounted atop an elegant base. The base combines three triangular, concave planes to create a tall and modern form. The finish is a hand-polished, gleaming silver chrome. 

Player of the Year

This trophy, created for a large sports-focused brand drinks, is a particularly clever recognition solution. The trophy is made up of three brushed metal sheets that curve inward and bend outward at the mid-way visual height. These three pieces, hand-assembled onto a modern black base, create an abstract sort of trophy cup. The addition of a chrome silver logo with color-correct orange accent creates a subtle yet effective accent.

Swimming Goggles Trophy

This custom trophy is in the form of a pair of swimming goggles hanging inside a circle and mounted atop a black marble base. The metal form is diecast for precision detailing and is electoplated in our exceptional, 24k gold finish. To achieve its luminous surface, we employ special artisans that complete a thorough, intricate hand-polishing.

ESPY Award

Started in 1993, the ESPY Awards are one of the premier awards programs in the sports world. ESPY is an acronym for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly. The program recognizes more than athletes – who have their own respective sport competition trophies – and includes writers, broadcasters, executives and experts in the industry. Though the program has a structure similar to the most prestigious red carpet events, it maintains a much more relaxed feel. The trophy is a tall, four-sided metal column with a curving taper. The top of the award is a polished metal sphere with the brand’s iconic logo.

Six custom sports trophies by Society Awards grouped in a line on a white table

Wing award

This metal and crystal trophy was produced for a prestigious athletic association. The award is a top honor for track and field athletes. The striking design imagines the brand’s logo as an extruded metal form emerging from a perfectly round black crystal base. Each piece of the metal logo is electroplated in 24k gold and hand polished before it is mounted by hand onto the base.

Sports Retail Corporate Award

This trophy was crafted for one of the biggest sports brands in the world to use for an internal corporate awards program. The form is precision machined into a custom shape from pure aluminum for a clean, modern look. The final form is anodized for a slightly bluish finish. The outer part of the ring is engraved with words from the company’s core beliefs.

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