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Custom Trophy Spotlight: Muse Creative Awards

The new Muse Creative Award trophy, a gold winged figure with headdress on abstract background

The Muse Creative Awards, only in its third year, has become an innovative and prestigious honor. The competition attracts a huge amount of the creative industry’s best work to be judged by a grand jury panel made up of leaders in the industry.

The international competition has attracted a massive following thanks to its prestigious judges, accessible entry fees, diverse competitors and of course the stunning trophy doesn’t hurt.

The competition recognizes both print and electronic media. The full breadth of categories includes advertising, marketing, design, websites, in-house, video, games, mobile apps, photography and social. Additionally, they allow for student work and pro bono submissions.

Winners are awarded one of three awards tiers – in ascending order of achievement: rose gold, gold or platinum. Winners receive a host of collateral to promote their achievement and also have their work showcased in the online gallery. And of course winners have the opportunity to purchase one of the exquisite trophies.

You can visit the Muse Creative Awards website here

The Muse Creative Awards trophy has always been an impressive design. The way the base is so elegantly incorporated into the flowing form is one signature element of the design. The smooth flowing lines of the bottom two-thirds of the design are a striking contrast to the intricate details of the form’s hands, face and wings. 

The wings on either side of the head have been a consistent design element across each Muse. Subtle variations are made each year to make the trophy unique to the winner’s year of achievement. For the 2018 edition, the figure received larger wings on her back as well, making for an even more impressive piece of recognition. 

The custom trophy is formed in high-end resin but is plated in metal in either rose gold, gold or platinum. The final form is hand polished to a mirror finish.

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