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Deco Pegasus – An Award of Mythic Proportions

Two custom pegasus trophies flying into the night sky

Our Deco Pegasus line of exclusive trophies has expanded to include a second, larger size. The new size is available in two magnificent finishes.

The first, Deco Pegasus Gold, is finished our signature 24k gold electroplating. The complex surfaces of this design have a luminous glow in the full shiny gold finish. The second form, Deco Pegasus Black, uses a modern, matte black finish that provides a thoroughly elegant presence. The rich matte surface is contrasted with 24k gold plating used on the wings.

As with the original 9″ tall Deco Pegasus trophies, these forms are crafted through a high-end cast resin process. The result is a luxury sculpture with exceptionally defined detail. The trophy’s triumphant form is uplifting while also evoking an art deco aesthetic.

Two pegasus shaped custom awards emerging from clouds

Deco Pegasus Gold and Deco Pegasus Black are each 11-3/4″ tall and are the perfect complement to the 9″ model — which is available in Silver, Gunmetal and Charcoal. Consider pairing the two sizes for a tiered competition or years of service program.

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