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Limited Edition: Malachite Obelisk

Presenting Malachite Obelisk 1 – the fifth and final form from series 1 of the Limited Editions Collection of trophies. 

Malachite Obelisk 1 from the World's First Collection of Limited Edition Awards

Malachite has a unique, alluring character. The precious material is presented here as an obelisk – a classic form made up of steep, sloping sides and a pyramid capstone.

The swirling shades of green can vary widely from nearly black to nearly white. Malachite Obelisk 1 is constructed of fine, gemstone-quality pieces. Our malachite is chosen for its tight swirls, minimal inclusions and rich colors.

The selected pieces are carefully honed, arranged and assembled into the obelisk form. This large, valuable piece of stone is then given a skilled hand-polishing to expose the natural beauty of the material.

As with all objects in our Limited Editions Collection, Malachite Obelisk 1 is available in extremely limited numbers. The stunning objet d’art arrives in our complimentary gold presentation gift box.

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