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Limited Edition: TWIST TEXTURE

3 views of the limited edition Twist Texture 1 award. Front view, upclose side detail, up-close upper view

From the Limited Editions Collection of rare and design-driven trophies, we present a fourth form: Twist Texture 1. This piece is a merging of the architectural and the textural. The bold form is a triumphant expression of our craftsmanship prowess and an unmistakable symbol of high honor.

The central form is mounted atop a minimalist gloss-black base crafted from aluminum. This unadorned platform allows the viewer to better recognize the intricate beauty of the central form that sits atop it. This central form is machined from a large block of solid aluminum. 

The form is that of a four-sided extrusion that twists gently as it rises upward. Each side is accented with ridges that follow the height of the form, breaking only at the vertical one-third and two-thirds lines.

The crests and troughs of these carved, vertical lines capture any surrounding light in an intriguing manner. Combined with the highly-polished, black nickel chrome finish and twisting form, these lines create a cascading effect. Subtle bands of 24k gold accent the outer edges and on the double horizontal lines at one- and two- thirds visual heights.

This unique sculpture is reserved for the highest of honors. The entire form on its base, stands at an impressive seventeen inches in height and weighs more than thirteen pounds. As with each of our limited edition trophies, Twist Texture 1 is individually numbered and arrives in our presentation gift box.

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