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Meet the Century Collection of Custom Crystal Trophies

The Century Crystals Collection of three custom crystal trophies

Available only from Society Awards, this is the Century Crystals Collection. The collection, which contains three forms, is at once glamorous and architectural.

Our design team set out to create unexpected and delightful crystal trophies. The designs required a unique craftsmanship technique. The process involves fusing together separate pieces of colorful, optic crystal. Once fused into a singular form, the surface is hand polished to a seamless, brilliant finish.

Century Crystal Square trophy by Society Awards

The first object from the collection is Century Crystal Square. The trophy is square column of optic clear crystal. The sides have accents of light and dark blue crystal. The angle top gives an architectural appearance. This are could also serve as personalization area for a corporate logo.

Century Crystal Cylinder trophy by Society Awards

The second trophy in the Century Crystals Collection is Century Crystal Cylinder. The cylindrical oval column is optic clear crystal. The front of that column has a subtle purple crystal for a large personalization area. The column is also sheared on the top at an angle, which is then accented with a piece of black crystal.Century Art Crystal trophy by Society Awards

The third and newest form in the collection is Century Art Crystal. This is the most complex of the Century Crystals and is unlike anything on the market. Stacked layers of burgundy, red, amber and clear crystal sit atop a black crystal base. Rigorous hand polishing gives the 12″ tall crystal pillar its seamless finish. When viewed from different angles, the transparent crystals create unexpected and compelling illusions.

These exceptional, custom-crafted crystal awards arrive in our gold gift boxes.

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