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Nambé + Society Awards: A World’s First Collaboration

Nambé + Society Awards Designer Trophy Collection


Society Awards has partnered with Nambé – a global leader in design for more than 65 years – to create the first ever collection of designer trophies. Nambé + Society Awards launches with four artful objects – Angel, Lark, Tempo and Tempo Limited. Each design’s form and craftsmanship will be explored on our blog in the coming weeks.

Nambé is known for creating award-winning home décor and dining products that combine function and style. The brand’s designs are frequently exhibited in renowned galleries around the world including The British Museum in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

We have collaborated with many artists and brands to design trophies in the past. The difference is that, as custom projects, none of those designer trophies are available for sale. This collection is a break from that norm. Nambé + Society Awards combines the unmistakable elegance of Nambé with our expertise in the world of high-end awards.

Nambe’s unique aesthetic lends a fresh perspective to the world of awards. Opening the collection is the Nambé Angel, a contemporary interpretation of a classic trophy subject.The second objet d’art, Lark, is a triumphant rising form that is pleasantly open-ended in its interpretation. The final form is Tempo – available in 12″ and 16″ sizes (the larger is known as Tempo Limited) – an artful form with gleaming surfaces and striking visual “movement.”

Accessible luxury motivated the launch of the Exclusives Collection in 2014. This new collection is a step beyond that, a brand new point of view in the world of stock awards.

We’re big fans of Nambé here at Society Awards, and we’re very pleased to work with them on this incredible collection.

Prices range from $175 for the Nambé Angel to $1995 for Tempo and $10,000 for the ultra-rare Tempo Limited (the world’s most valuable retail market award).

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