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Exclusive Awards: Zinc Crystal

Custom crafted zinc and crystal trophy

Zinc Crystal is the newest addition to our Exclusives Collection of luxury stock trophies. The form pairs two thick metal panels with a slab of black crystal. These panels are finished in a brushed silver and are attached to a matching base.

The black crystal is hand-polished to a rich, gleaming finish and mounted between the two upright metal panels. This crystal piece is cut slightly wider than the metal, which allows for it to peer out on either side. 

Modern award made of silver metal and crystal

The form of this recognition award is powerful and modern. Clean lines, an intriguing high contrast of materials and craftsmanship are all strengths of thus unique sculpture. There are strong visual cues from architecture and industrial design disciplines.

Personalization options are vast, as the top metal panels can be customized in addition to the base. Adding a logo to this top portion would create a truly custom appearance. Each Zinc Crystal arrives in our signature, satin-lined, gold gift box.

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