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Society Awards Best Host Series 2018

Four Nambé Gold Angel Trophies on red carpet

Television hosts are some of the hardest working people in Hollywood and yet also some of the most under appreciated. There’s a lot that goes into looking polished and staying relevant. They are expected to perform many times a week and to do so flawlessly. That’s why this year we recognized a few of our favorites with a very special gift, the first-ever Society Awards Best Host Series. 

It was a chance for the Society Awards team to have a little fun and recognize some of the world’s best hosts. These are the honorees: 

Jimmy Kimmel – Most Likely to Collect Cookbooks and Not Have Time to Use Them

Andy Cohen – Gossip King

Kelly Ripa – Ultimate Yogi

Seth Meyers – Best Political Jokes

Each host was presented with the Nambé Angel Gold in our Silver presentation gift boxes. The award was our small way of expressing gratitude for the brilliant entertainment that these individuals provide. The awards were personalized in our US-based production facility using gold colorfill for an extra special contrast.

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