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Society Awards is More Than Awards!

A bottle of Patrón Añejo with the limited edition guitar-head-shaped bottle stopper sitting on a table in front of designer John Varvatos

While we have the undisputed highest quality and designed awards in the world, we have also been saying that “Society Awards is more than awards.” But what does that mean?

Here’s an example: Our sister company Mode Design Group is providing branding, marketing and design services to our beloved client Patron Tequila – the world’s best and most popular luxury tequila. Together, the goal was to raise awareness of the outstanding quality of the aged sipping product, Patron Anejo. To do this, Mode helped Patron create a platform where the brand could team up with a renowned designer – someone who appreciates the pursuit of perfection – to create an innovative, collectible gift item. Not just holiday packaging, or some glasses with a logo on it, but a valuable, limited edition product that fans could collect and keep forever. We teamed up with the immensely talented and popular fashion designer John Varvatos and created this campaign. It just so happens that Mr. Varvatos is a Patron consumer, so the partnership was perfect. The collectible was a signature bottle stopper in the shape of a guitar head, a truly beautiful object worthy of both brands. The stopper had to be manufactured quickly, at a reasonable cost and with unrelenting standards for quality and precision. Had Mode not been closely aligned with Society Awards, we may not have attempted such an ambitious undertaking given the complexities involved. But together, we were confident in our ability to deliver against these exacting standards. And we did! The result was a work of art, exceeding all expectations of beauty, quality and craftsmanship.

Society Awards is a manufacturer of premium limited edition, multiple-quantity works of art. This manifests itself in designer costume jewelry, in high-end retail items, in outrageous branded merchandise or promotional material, in one-of-a-kind sculpture, and of course – in those gorgeous trophies that we all know and love!

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