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Society Awards conference room full of our custom awards projects. Below this, a second image of the trophies that we've won for our creative and marketing work.


No other awards company will ever understand your needs like Society Awards. We have designed, redesigned, and manufactured more famous and prestigious awards than any other company, ever. Did you know that we win awards, too?

Society Awards understands your needs like no other awards company does because we share the customer experience, too. We enter the competitions for our design and marketing work just like any other agency, for our own branding and marketing, or work we created for clients. We experience the enthusiasm and anticipation of filling out the awards entries, paying the entry fees, waiting, hoping, getting the shortlist, feeling the excitement and finally getting that notification that our work has been validated! And then, of course, there is the exhilaration of receiving the award, the unboxing, the opening, the magic moment. Putting it proudly on our shelves, sending out press releases, updating our website. We understand it in a way that no one else ever could.

When that special day arrives and we get those awards, it might be a statue that we have literally seen thousands of running through our company, over the years. We have seen more of those statues than anyone else. We’re intimately familiar with it and we know how it’s made. We probably even designed it! And yet, in that moment, something magical happens. The award in front of us, with our name and our work now on it, is transformed. It is different in kind and character from the thousands that we’ve seen before. This one has more meaning. It has been stamped with that imprimatur of recognition, the honor of our achievement recognized by our peers and experts, and out of thousands of similar awards, this one is for us. We know that magic moment like only you and your customers do.

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