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Spotlight: The Golden Salt Award

T-Mobile Golden Salt Award for the Best Break-up presented at the MTV Movie Awards

Image of the T-Mobile Golden Salt Best Break-up trophy for the MTV Movie Awards. The trophy is a pink salt shaker with a golden cap and white logo.

At the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, a special award was added to the mix, the T-Mobile Award for Best Break-Up. As an extension of T-Mobile’s “Break-Up Letter” marketing campaign, the award was created to recognize the best break-up in a movie from the past year.

With many notable movies in the running, T-Mobile and MTV came to us to design a new award to pair with the iconic golden popcorn, yet as fun as the honor itself. And what pairs better with popcorn than salt?

We designed a custom golden salt shaker, equivalent in size and stature to the iconic MTV golden popcorn. The one-of-a-kind award boasts a solid polished brass salt shaker cap, atop a pink body and black base. T-Mobile’s signature pink was selected for the body with a white T logo.

Images of the T-Mobile Golden Salt Award being made

Check out images the craftsmanship process

The Golden Salt Award presented by T-Mobile was awarded by Workaholics star Anders Holm to ‘Gone Girl’ during the live show on April 12, 2015.