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The Process: Pâte de Verre

Five colorful pâte de verre sculptural trophies

Pâte de verre is an artisanal method of crafting unique crystal forms. The process dates back to early Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures.

To create pâte de verre we use a mixture of crystal, clear and colored glass, and mineral fragments, which is placed in a mold and kiln fired in a process similar to the lost wax method of metal casting. The process can take up to a week while the molten glass flows through the mold.

During this time, the glass mixes with color and tiny champagne-like bubbles form. Artists call these bubbles – unique to the pâte de verre technique – the “life of the crystal.” Once the mold is broken apart, the surface is either polished smooth or, alternatively, given a frosted finish. The method requires new molds for each and every piece, and as such each sculpture has its own unique character. This makes a pâte de verre trophy one of the ultimate luxuries.

Although the result is exceptional, very few companies utilize this labor-intensive process – among them, two top luxury glass artisans Lalique and Daum.

Society Awards employs this craft technique to create exquisite custom awards and gifts. If you are looking for a unique, luxurious crystal award, ask your Society Awards concierge about our pâte de verre process.

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